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Care Packages

Election Party Package

In Stock



Regardless of which side of the fence you're on this care package will provide a feast whilst you watch the spectacle unfold

Offered @ $199 with FREE EXPRESS shipping. 

(Drop us a line if you'd like to substitute within categories)


2x Jatz

2x Beerenberg Spreads for cheese

(lucky dip - or choose from Fig & Pomegranate, Quince & Pear, Beetroot & Orange, Blood Orange & Whisky)


1x Burger Rings Party size

1x Twisties Party size (lucky dip or tell us what you'd like)

2x Cheezels

4x Shapes (BBQ, Pizza, Vegemite & Cheese, Chicken Crimpy - or substitute if you like)


1x 1.3kg Allen's Party Mix

5x assorted Allen's bags (fantales, chicos, spearmint leaves, minties, ripe raspberries - feel free to substitute)


1x Violet crumble bite size chunks

1x Bananas

1x Musk Sticks

1x DL bullets (lucky dip or let us know)


1x Tim Tam Family

1x Mint Slice Family

1x Wagon Wheels


1x 1L Cottee's Cordial (lucky dip, or specify a flavour choice)

1x Berocca 45 pack for the next day (lucky dip, or specify a flavour choice)


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