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Care Packages

F&%k COVID Care Package

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This list is longgggggg -

Substitutions within categories welcome - just email us!

(e.g. you want all 1 flavour shapes, or don't like chicos etc) 

Individually these items would cost $370+, we're offering this bad boy at $299!

Smiths Variety
Smiths Fun Mix
Smiths Snack Mix
Red Rock Deli Variety
2x Cheezels
Twisties Chicken Party Bag
Twisties Cheese Party Bag
Shapes - Vegemite
Shapes - BBQ
Shapes - Pizza
Shapes - Chicken Crimpy
Shapes - Savoury
Shapes - Cheddar

Shapes - Cheese & Bacon

Shapes - Nacho Cheese

Weetbix 1.2kg
Nutrigrain 805g
2x Assorted creams
2x Wagon Wheels
2x Iced Vovos
2x Kingstons
2x Mint Slice Family Pack
Madura Premium Blend 100 Tea Bags
2x Passionfruit Pulp
2x Pavlova Magic
560g Vegemite
2x Anchor Chippy Salt
Dairy Milk Chocolate Block
Marvellous Creations Chocolate Block
3x Caramilk 110g Solid Mini Eggs - these are now out - will sub in a cadbury block!
Cherry Ripe Sharepack
Crunchie Sharepack
Freddo Sharepack
Turkish Delight Sharepack
Caramello Koala Sharepack
Killer Pythons
Frogs Alive
Party Mix
Retro Party Mix
Strawberries & Cream
Snakes Alive
Spearmint Leaves



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