Smith's Double Crunch Ultimate BBQ Ribs 150g

Sale price$7.99


Smith's Double Crunch, the irresistible deep ridged chip cooked for even longer, for twice the crunch and more of the big, bold flavour you love in every bite!

Ultimate BBQ Ribs Taste? Ultimate Double Crunch TextureIndulge in the bold and smokey goodness of Smith's Double Crunch BBQ Ribs Potato Chips—the ultimate snacking choice for flavour enthusiasts. Each of the thick-cut chips offers a taste of BBQ ribs, with the baked potato snacks delivering an explosive crunch every bite. Snacking has never been so rugged with Smith’s chips, meticulously crafted to deliver an explosion of taste with every crunch. Elevate your snacking experience to new heights with Smith's, where flavour is not just a feature but a culinary adventure.

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