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Our Favorite Chocolate

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Christmas Friends 100gChristmas Friends 100g
Old Gold Original 180g
Whittaker's Coconut Chocolate Block 250g
Milk Chocolate Fruchocs 150g
Dark Chocolate Fruchocs 150g
Golden Rough Disc 20g
Nestle Golden Rough Disc 20g
Sale price$1.95
Violet Crumble 50g
Nestle Violet Crumble 50g
Sale price$1.95
Crunchie 50g
Cadbury Crunchie 50g
Sale price$1.95
Picnic 46g bar
Cadbury Picnic 46g bar
Sale price$1.95
Fry's Turkish Delight 55g bar
Cherry Ripe 52g bar
Cadbury Cherry Ripe 52g bar
Sale price$1.95

All the favourites you could ask for

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Twisties - Chicken - 90g
Burger Rings - 90g
Smiths Burger Rings - 90g
Sale price$2.89
Cheezels 125g
Snack Brands Cheezels 125g
Sale price$3.99
Cadbury Cherry Ripe 180g (12 pack)
Twisties - Cheese - 90g
Caramello Koala 180g (12 pieces)
Shapes Original Pizza 190g
Shapes Vegemite & Cheese 160g
Allen's Freckles 120g
Allens Allen's Freckles 120g
Sale price$4.99
Allen's Snakes Alive Jelly Lolly Bag 200g
Arnott's Kingston 200g

Thanks for stopping by. We're Leslie and Andrew, and with our 2 little ones this is our Aus-merican family.

With our annual pilgrimages across Australia & the US we noticed a gap in the market for bringing affordable Treats from Oz into your home. Since 2019 we've filled thousands of orders from Alaska to Toronto and all in between. We'd love to be able to serve you too!

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