Arnott's Shapes Originals Chicken Crimpy 175g

Sale price$6.99


Experience the classic taste of Arnott's Shapes Original Chicken Crimpy in this irresistible 175g pack. These iconic savory snacks have been a favorite for generations, delivering a burst of delicious chicken flavor in every crispy bite.

Crafted with care by Arnott's, each Chicken Crimpy is perfectly seasoned and baked to perfection, capturing the essence of mouth-watering roasted chicken. The unique ridged shape adds an extra layer of crunch, making these snacks even more enjoyable to munch on.

Whether you're packing a lunchbox, enjoying a movie night, or entertaining friends, Arnott's Shapes Original Chicken Crimpy is a crowd-pleasing snack that's sure to satisfy cravings. Indulge in the timeless flavor and satisfying crunch of these beloved chicken-flavored snacks, and savor the taste of a true Australian classic.

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