Arnott's Family Favourites Assorted Biscuits 500g

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Arnott’s Family Assorted sweet biscuits are seven of your favourites: Nice, Milk Arrowroot, Choc Ripple, Scotch Finger, Teddy Bear, Butternut Snap and Milk Coffee. This collection of crunchy, plain biscuits is perfect for sharing and contains no artificial flavours.

Bring the family together with this delicious assortment of seven of your all-time favourite Arnott’s sweet and plain biscuits, including the original Scotch Finger, Milk Arrowroot, Nice, Choc Ripple, Teddy Bear, Butternut Snap and Milk Coffee biscuits. There’s something for everyone in this pack. Perfect for filling the biscuit tin and enjoying the simple everyday pleasure of dunking them in your morning cuppa or sharing with friends and family.

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