Arnott's Savoy Original Crackers 225g

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Arnott’s Savoy Original is a classic Aussie cracker. Lightly salted and oven baked, and made from 100% Australian-sourced wheat from local Aussie farmers. Crafted to perfection, these savoury crackers are perfect to top, dip or snack on.

For the ideal afternoon snack, pair an Arnott’s Savoy Original with a slice of cheese. This lightly salted, oven-baked savoury biscuit can be enjoyed on its own, fresh from the box, or with a slice of tomato and a basil leaf at a picnic.

  • Lightly salted crackers.
  • Made from 100% Australian-sourced wheat.
  • Perfect to top, dip or snack on.
  • Foil packed for freshness.

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