Bhuja Original Mix 150g

Sale price$6.99


Original but not ordinary! Delightfully aromatic spices play against a marvellous mix of wholesome crunchy nibbles, garden peas, peanuts and juicy sultanas in our classic Bhuja Original Mix.

The better, more interesting snack choice for your next picnic or party platter, or even add it to your lunch for that extra crunch! We believe a snack should spice things up! Bold moves.

Adventurous flavour combinations. Unexpected textures. These are the things that make your munching, crunching moments exciting and eye-opening. Look more closely at our delicious vegan and gluten free mixes using real spices and wholesome ingredients, and you’ll see why the magic’s in the mix.-Vegan & vegetarian friendly-Certified gluten free-No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives-5g protein per serving-Australian owned and made Mix It Up® with Bhuja!

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