ETA Barbecue Sauce 375ml

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A true Aussie legend, ETA brings delicious classic products backed by years of experience to the table. Your backyard BBQ is not complete without ETA Barbecue Sauce. This barbecue sauce tastes great with any type of meat, be it a burger, steak or sausage sizzle. ETA Barbecue Sauce is a real Aussie classic.

It's not only delicious on burgers and sausages but is also the perfect dipping sauce for chicken nuggets, chicken wings and hot chips. For a hit of flavour, why not try using it as a pizza sauce and adding your favourite pizza toppings? Your barbecue will be incomplete without ETA Original Barbecue Sauce. It's made for pairing with burgers, meat, sausages or as a dipping sauce for chips.

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