Fountain Steak Sauce 250ml

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You can't beat Fountain Steak Sauce for adding flavour to all your meat dishes. Containing no artificial colours or flavours, this delicious sauce is sure to complement your favourite cuts of cooked meat. Add some flavour to your steak with Fountain Steak Sauce. Containing no artificial colours or flavours, this sauce is not only delicious with steak, but also tastes great with burgers and sausages. Add crushed garlic and ginger for an easy barbecue meat marinade, or add to mince to make bolognese or meatballs.

  • Designed to boost the flavour of meat dishes
  • Contains no artificial colours
  • Contains no artificial flavours
  • Delicious with steak, burgers and sausages
  • Since 1906 we've been the source of flavour for Australian families

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