Gravox Cheese Sauce Mix 120g

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It's always a good idea to add some extra cheesiness to your meals. Gravox Cheese Sauce is creamy and mild in flavour, great for adding to pasta and steamed veggies. Gravox Cheese Sauce makes a delicious addition to lasagne, pasta bakes and shepherd's pies. It's easy to prepare with water, or you can use milk for a creamier taste. Made with no artificial colours or flavours, Gravox Cheese Sauce is sure to be a family favourite. Quick and easy to make, pour over cauliflower or broccoli for cheesy vegetables.

  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • A creamy and mild cheese sauce
  • Serves four with each preparation method
  • Perfect for steamed zucchini and broccolini
  • Also great for layered vegetable bake, shepherd’s pie and boiled gnocchi

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