Maltesers 280g

Sale price$10.99


Now you can share the lighter way to enjoy chocolate even more with the ultimate chocolate bag of melt-in-the-mouth MALTESERS! Featuring crisp malt centres covered with smooth milk chocolate.

Road trips, gossip sessions, coffee dates, party bags, this extra large chocolate bag has even more milk chocolate MALTESERS to share and create light-hearted moments with your friends! Each bite gives you a melt-in-the-mouth experience thanks to the crisp and light malt centre covered with smooth milk chocolate deliciousness. One for them, two for you... your secret's safe with this MALTESERS chocolate bag! Add them to popcorn for a movie night snack or create bowls of lollies for the party table. And if you love baking, these chocolate treats taste magic in rocky road, fudge, cheesecakes and more!

Includes a 280g More To Share Pack of Milk Chocolate MALTESERS.

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