Old El Paso Fusion Soft Taco Kit Teriyaki Flavour 360g

Sale price$15.99


Transform Taco Night with Old El Paso Fusion Soft Taco Kit in Teriyaki Flavor. Bring the taste of Japan to your taco night with the delicious teriyaki seasoning in this Old El Paso taco kit. Enjoy the soft, pliable texture of the flour tortilla shells included in this taco kit. This all-in-one kit includes not just the taco shells, but also the savory teriyaki seasoning and sauces for maximum flavor.

Simply fill the soft taco shells with your favorite taco fillings and top with the provided teriyaki sauce for a quick and tasty meal. The 360g package contains enough for multiple servings, making it perfect for family dinners or taco night gatherings. Trust Old El Paso's commitment to quality ingredients in this fusion soft taco kit.

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