Red Rock Deli Chef Series Crispy Chicken With Garlic & Sweet Soy 150g

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Crispy Chicken with Garlic & Sweet Soy

Our Red Rock Deli Chef Series created in collaboration with Poh, reimagines authentic Asian dishes to deliver an enlivening taste discovery. 

Crafted with the finest quality ingredients, this flavour blends the deliciousness of crispy fried chicken with fragrant garlic and rich sweet soy to perfectly compliment our signature potato chips. 
  • Introducing the taste of chef-cooked succulent crispy chicken, undercut by the distinct flavours of garlic and sweet soy sauce, all in one convenient chip pack.

  • Red Rock Deli is Australian-made to deliver the authenticity of our country in every bite.

  • Entertain the guests at your next social gathering by adding Red Rock Deli to the platter.

  • Feed your curiosity at any moment with this share pack!

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