Schweppes Blood Orange Mango Cans 375ml - 10 Pack

Sale price$69.99


Natural Australian Mineral Water infused with natural blood orange & mango essence, zero sugar and full of Schweppervescence.

With a blend of natural blood orange & mango essence and sparkling natural mineral water sourced from Australian springs, Schweppes Infused Natural Mineral Water with a hint of Blood Orange & Mango offers hydration with a perfectly balanced touch of natural fruit essence that is crisp, refreshing, and free from sugar.

  • Unique blend of natural fruit essence and sparkling mineral water
  • Perfect balance of sweetness and refreshing citrus flavors
  • Zero sugar option perfect for health-conscious individuals
  • Convenient and easy to carry 375mL cans for on-the-go hydration
  • Made with high-quality and pure ingredients.

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